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Who I am...

I consider myself an intelligent, feminine and down-to-earth woman with a  personality that reflects these qualities. Taking care of myself is important to me as I constantly strive to be the best version of me. I place a high value on meaningful relationships and honesty, believing that companionship goes beyond the physical aspect. I love being a confidant and for me it's about creating a space where we can relax and truly experience each other—a genuine escape from the outside world. I am intensely passionate and my greatest desire is for those around me to always feel loved, cherished and satisfied in every possible way. 


On my off days...

I love rewatching my favourite movies (The bodyguard is always first), Reading (Most likely a non -fiction but if I feel adventurous a psychological thriller ofcourse), Keeping healthy (A pilates class stretches me out the best & I run often) and working on my future plans (always). I am very keen to explore the Art world, and being that I am a lover of beautiful things, prancing around galleries has quickly become one of my favourite weekend activities. I grew up in quite a traditional household, as the curious young lady I was you'd often find me learning recipes and skills from there I developed a love for food. As the woman I am now I truly do enjoy discovering restaurants and fine - dining, where else better than the heart of it all - London.


In my spare time I am...​

  • Travelling : Last year I visited 10 Countries, my record and I would love to visit more. I am always passport ready to fly to you or better yet with you!

  • Learning paddle : I already play Tennis and had this sport suggested to me - currently loving it.

  • Fashion : (Outside of Tamara I have a full private life). As one of my hobbies I am immersed in the fashion marketing world and spend a lot of time creating, happy to tell you more when we meet.

  • Blogging : I am definitely not a writer but I have been enjoying sharing snippets from my life lately. Have a look at my blog here

How can I arrange a date?

Before booking I ask that you read my delicate specifics. All of my first point of contact information is under "Contact" and is very simple and straight forward. Alternatively you can email me directly.


How will I arrive...

I have a deep passion for fashion and possess a diverse range of styles, I've had the pleasure of attending many private fashion viewings and shows- a true love of mine. Taking pride in my appearance is something I prioritise and I always ensure that I dress appropriately for any occasion. Whether it's a casual outing or a formal event, I strive to look elegant and stylish, guaranteed to catch the attention of those around me. I can effortlessly transition from a chic sundress to a pair of stunning stilettos, embracing a versatile and fashionable wardrobe.

 I Adore...

Vintage Rum, Jazz clubs, Music ( I love classical & old school R&B), Art ( Modern and Contemporary), laughing, F1, Travelling, Fine- Dining, Long drives, bonding over dinner, lots of foreplay , being spanked, The countryside, Passionate kisses, Evening walks, Learning, Forehead kisses, Fashion, life's simple pleasures,Art Galleries, Meaningful conversations, Bondage, Sexy lingerie, Dressing up, Passion, Romance, Morning sex, Kind souls and eye contact .



Discretion is very important to me and  I will always respect                                 

your privacy. All information that is shared between us will stay that way.

I will sign an NDA.

Tamara xx.png

Nationality : British - English


Background : am of West African decent. Born in the USA and raised in London, England.


Sexuality : Bi - Curious

Shoe size :UK 4 / EU 37

Location  London, Incalls by appointment.

 Education : BSc (Hons) Biochemistry

Qualities I like : Emotional intelligence, Generosity, Sense of humour and Reliability.

My Hobbies : Pilates, Tennis, Reading and Floristry,

My Interests : Fine-Dining, Travel, Fashion, Art and Science 

Kinks : Explore Submissive Tamara


Do I offer arrangements : Yes I do. Please enquire a dinner date first.

My Favourite Drinks :

White wine (Riesling or Gewürztraminer), Champagne (Moët or Ruinart), Lychee Martini or a dark rum.

My Favourite books : The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene.

Dream Getaway Locations Tokyo, Seychelles and St Lucia.

How much notice do you request before a date?:

I take pride in providing a bespoke luxury girlfriend experience, Please plan ahead if possible. Same day bookings are possible, please use whatsapp or text message.

How do you Screen?:

I require screening for the safety of both of us, discretion is important to me. Please see "The details"

Do you accept Outfit Requests?

Yes I do!

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