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  • Tamara Monáe

Indian food is my weakness. Growing up in a mixed Nigerian/Jamaican household, rice and meat was a staple. To this day rice is my favourite carbohydrate ever 😍 Loved Amaya! Every picture I took was terrible so you’re stuck with me and the restaurant.

  • Tamara Monáe

Cheers with a special friend. We were having a debate! I declared light lunch with champagne is 10x better than a heavy lunch with water (I don’t drink fizzy drinks)… My date wasn’t convinced but the waiter clearly agreed as he laughed with me. To me, balance is everything😉.

Also Gaia is beautiful, I understand the hype now. I definitely need to go back for their dinner service and carpaccio.

*All dates shared on my blog have been with permission. Some tales are better left untold...

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