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NYC Date Ideas

New York City holds a special place in my heart as one of my favorite cities in the world. The vibrant atmosphere, unique character, friendly people, and stunning views make it an extraordinary destination for me. I've grown fond of the city and plan to visit more frequently, I have made a list of fun date ideas if you would like to show me around the city.

Some other random dates I would enjoy with you...


  • Stroll through Central Park.​

  • Day date @ MoMa

  • Grabbing a chopped cheese at your favourite spot.

  • Exploring all the amazing food trucks of NYC.

  • Going to a Knicks game

  • Shopping @ Saks Fifth Avenue

My Personal Restaurant bucket list/  Dinner date ideas I hope you'll enjoy
I undeniably have a love for Fine dining experiences, here are some fabulous restaurants around the world I would love to try.

As a self-proclaimed foodie and an adventurous soul, I have made a list of my favourite restaurants and some I would love to try with you for the first time. While my heart gravitates towards Japanese, Chinese, and French cuisine, I am always open to trying new flavors and cuisines, as I believe in the mantra of "never say no before giving it a go." One of the things I absolutely adore is dressing up and going out for a delicious dinner. The feeling of being a perfect date, a radiant gem on someone's arm, is truly exhilarating and adds an extra touch of enchantment to our dining experience.

London Restaurant favourites :

  • The Aubrey

  • China Tang

  • St JOHN

  • Kai mayfair 

  • Trishna

  • Murano

  • The Grazing Goat

escort for dinner dates

Hopefully we are flirting over a delicious dinner soon!

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