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Dinner Dates curated by T 

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My Personal Restaurant bucket list/ Dream date ideas I hope you'll enjoy
I undeniably have a love for Fine dining experiences, here are some fabulous restaurants around the world I would love to try.

Hopefully we are flirting over a delicious dinner soon!

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 As a foodie and girl about town, in other words someone that loves to experience life! I have curated a list of some of my favourite restaurants to enjoy Dinner Dates in London and some that I would love to try. I adore Sushi, Chinese and Italian cuisine mostly but generally I love everything. One of my favourite thins to do is dress up and go for dinner, being a perfect date and gem on an arm is truly an amazing feeling.

London Restaurant favourites :

  • The Aubrey

  • China Tang

  • Scotts

  • Kai mayfair 

  • Mimi Mei Fair

  • Umu

  • Hakkasan

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