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  • Tamara Monáe

My favourite movie…

Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner - A love story that wasn't straight forward or predictable but intense, fueled with real emotion and two people that despite all the trial and tribulations let love win! A classic in my opinion.

My favourite scene : Whitney mostly plays herself in the movie - A famous singer who due to her fame is being targeted by a stalker and threats and against her better wishes her team hires a "bodyguard" that she insisted she didn't want. Whitney was rehearsing for a show and her manager brought in Kevin Costner who at first she did not noticed as she danced freely... but his eyes did not leave her. When their eyes met, although they didn't see it at first but they were meant to be.

Whitney was strong minded, witty at times purposely taunting Kevin who was rigid, serious and dedicated to the job. The character development in this film and how they grew to love each other is the best - A true love story that depicts two real people not just a fairytail.

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