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  • Tamara Monáe

Current Playlist***

A random selection of songs I've been listening to, I am a versatile women that loves everything from current to old school and R&B to classical which I think translates to my personality.

Anyway if you'd like to have an insight to my current mood.❤️

  • Ginuwine - "Differences"

  • Billy Holiday - "I'll be seeing you"

  • Carl Thomas - "I Wish"

  • J Holiday - "Suffocate"

  • Notorious BIG - "Nasty Gal"

  • Cat Burns - "Go"

  • Chris Brown - "This Christmas" (obviously!!)

  • Rema - "Calm down"

  • Beyoncè - "Cuff it"

  • Burna Boy & Ed Sheeran - "For my Hand"


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