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  • Tamara Monáe

The best dates to me are the ones where time is no issue, allowing us to fully indulge in each other. 12hr - 48hr+ dates are my favourite, this is the real girlfriend experience.

I spent 24hrs in London with the ultimate gentleman! After visiting him in Amsterdam earlier this month for a 48hr date, honestly the best compliment. Thank you for coming to see me before you headed back to 🏝️. Starting with lunch at my favourite hotel, showing you my favourite s*x shop (where I was treated to a whole range of new outfits), giving you a fashion show of said outfits😂 and most of all spending every moment in bliss, real connections can never be faked.

Flowing conversation, lots of laughs, cancelling dinner plans to relax in our hotel and spending a long morning together. It’s the little things for me. There is also a lack of pictures here but some stories are better left untold😘

  • Tamara Monáe

Continuing my love for food and collecting Michelin stars. This time I was treated to a delicious lunch at Medlar, I was very impressed by the service, atmosphere and especially the food. The perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon in Chelsea, he ended up extending our date and we had some fun exploring the army museum. I love spontaneity 😍

*All dates shared on my blog have been with permission. Some tales are better left untold...

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