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  • Tamara Monáe

Well it has been a while, I have had a whirlwind of a year and I am finally back and ready to spice up your life! I have been travelling for the most part of summer whilst still enjoying dates with some close regulars! My diary is officially open for the Autumn/Winter and I would love nothing more than to meet you. I have a new shoot next week (exciting pictures coming) and I officially have some September incall dates in Fitzrovia.

Sometimes in order to be your best you need to take a break... I promise I wont be going anywhere anytime soon.

Send me a love note and let us catch up. If you have tried to reach out in the past couple of months, you're welcome to send me another nudge.💌

Lots of love T❤️ p.s a couple summer flicks so you still know I'm still hot 😘

  • Tamara Monáe

This was an absolutely sensational experience, the service was some of the best I've ever experienced. Although we did not opt for the tasting, my fish was buttery perfection accompanied by their delicious seasonal Vegetables, special mention to the herby infused oyster that was mouthwateringly delicate yet full of flavour. They had an open bread bar, on the tap champagne and array of fun foodie surprises throughout the evening! I learnt that the prince of Monaco actually challenged Alain Ducasse to earn three stars in his Monte - Carlo restaurant and well all I can say is the challenge was accepted, executed abd then some.

  • Tamara Monáe

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Harlequins vs Bath opening by a dear friend. All I have to say is rugby energy > football energy (don't kill me🤭😂). I thoroughly enjoyed myself, I love how rugby is a family sport where everyone can get involved (even the babies), lots of support from both sides for eachother and an over all relaxed atmosphere. My perfect sport! I can't wait for the next game😍 oh and Bath did win !!!

*All dates shared on my blog have been with permission. Some tales are better left untold...

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